Sunday, June 13, 2010


 (NOTE: Untan Yarou- I used Yui’s Un-tan as a “Beep” sound, as in a censored “F” word. Yarou as in… Check Google. Never really wanna write this but I can't take it anymore!)

Parents. 1 word to describe, “SIGH…” >A<   We as children, never hate parents, but WILL if they make us hate them, AND THAT HATE IS EVEN DEEPER THAN THEY EVER IMAGINED! Imagine United States of America & China, both are good friends because they are both powerful. But what happens if both of them became enemies? (Hint, Mr.War & Mr.Nuke will visit those countries.)
 ( I can still remember that Untan Yarou's face was like this!!!)
As most people who knows Japanese, Baka Ouya means Stupid Parents, but in my case, its Baka Haha. Yes! My Mum! What an Untan Yarou! This is my 1st time seeing someone, as a parent, went nuts and cried, Literally. All just because I closed my door at noon. Damn straight! I just can’t understand my mum anymore! Not just me, my younger sister (19) and my younger brother (18) think so too!
*Does anyone’s mum wanna control their kid’s eating, sleeping, playing, outing time?! Control Every movement every minute?! Mine does!!!

(Sob Sob!!! I should probably attack back with a chainsaw!!!)

This is what happened, on June 11, around 1pm, there is this person called “mum”. She came to me, my sis and my brother’s room with a *Drum Roll*…. HAMMER!!!! >< (What is this?! A Joke?! No! She really came to our door with a hammer. Holy S***!!) Then without a word, she cried and attacked the door with the HAMMER! OUR POOR DOOR!! What a disaster! And Attacked for no reason! What the Heck! Is this a movie with a white masked guy called Jason caring a chainsaw??!!! Anyways, after the Friday 13th attack, she ran downstairs n cried like a baby, again, FOR NO REASON!!! UNTAN YAROUUUUU!!!! 2 days later, she kick our door and force us to open our door wide opened, for just 1 stupid reason, “Cause I want to!” WTF! WHO’S ROOM IS THIS! YOUR’S OR OURS?!!! After that, she begged my dad to cut the net. And my “OBIDENT” dad follow the order, *Snap*. 

(Casualties from the Hammer Attack, My Poor Door!!! My Sis n Bro's door became victims too)

So this is the BAKA STORY of the UNTAN YAROU Ookasan. In the end, she just make us HATE HER 100000 times more. Now, Me, my sister & brother share the same hatred on that Untan Yarou. Maybe we’ll join allies soon. Me, I can control my patients for a very long limit, but this is toooo OVER! My sister, she hates her, and she will not listen to what Untan Yarou says anymore. Lastly, my brother, hard to deal if anyone makes him angry, Untan Yarou did.(most dangerous of all)

( I wanna have these! Even if its just for 2 minutes!)

How I really wish I can move out, too bad I don’t have that kind of money. Well, even without those wishes now, I could really use a Black Notebook that controls a Shinigami, a Level 5 Electromaster or hiring a gray haired assassin who can see human colors with her red eyes and has a tattoo on her left arm!!!!

(Don't say " U cant say that, they are still your parents no matter what" sentence. U'll understand once u're living in the same Sadist Horror life as me)

Hatred: A+   
Bakaness: A 


  1. wow this is beyond extreme ....I've never met a mother who does that to a child's room and for no reason whatsoever....have any of you (siblings) tried discussing this matter with your grandparents or anyone who has familial relations with your mother?? cause in my opinion, sorry if it hurts...I think she is sick in the head...and I think you need to talk this out with someone who will listen

    -Abdul Munzir-

  2. @ Soul Magician: can't, If I tell them, who know what does this Untan Yarou will do if she knows. Pointing a Knife on my neck or drowning me in a bucket of Clorox is now Possible. my Sis even wants to leave them far away, never come back frm Australia once she have a job there. How can I discuss about someone when she has mental sickness!! ><

  3. but if this continues on I'm scared something worse could happen...I think she is just too scared to let go of her children cause you guys even your youngest brother is going to leave her soon...isn't there anyone in your family that has enough power to stop her?? cause if there is I think its better if you and your siblings stay there until she comes to her senses...cause at this rate, I think she will do worse...I've read articles about moms doing horrible things because of over-protection

  4. @ Soul Magician: I'm planning on staying at my room even if i have work, is that called leaving? i think not. I think she has mental problems, a sudden rage and hammer attack, she told us the reason is that we close, not lock the door. (not over protected reason... crap, now i'm scared and wont sleep safely everynight. who know when does this Oni will attack.

  5. Staying in your room is not leaving...cause she has access to it...leaving means that you get far away from her....I think you should sleep with your other siblings at night for precaution and always make sure your hp is around to call the police for help and also a weapon (usually a stick is good, but make sure she does not know or she'll go berserk)

  6. Not sure how to comment, but good luck. ^ ^

  7. @Yi: Thanks ^^ Its really hard to live with a crazy woman who is a Sadist + Yandere + Baka 1000%..

  8. ...your parents are scary..
    real scary T_T...
    especially your mom..
    you know ..your mom reminds me of Higurashi..the yandere part -.-..
    is she?
    my mom would not take out hammer and hammer the door..
    your mom is extreme..real extreme..
    what does she really want actually?

  9. @Adel: XD I don't get her either. Can't understand Her anymore T_T She is Yandere+Sadist though.... Oh well, guess I'll have to hold back my anger on her...