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AniToBaka's Miku Append Ranking Top 10

Sorry but I really have to say this, I'm going to postpone my Working!! Post which I was planning to release it tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm not in a good mood to do reviews or previews right now due to my headache from the last K-On!! Preview post, which i'm still in that headache till now. Anyways, Here is my Miku Append Top10 Songs from all the Miku Append Songs that I've found.

Miku Append released not long ago on 30 April 2010, which consist of  Six different tones of Miku's voice: Soft (gentle, delicate voice), Sweet (young, chibi voice), Dark (mature, heartbroken-like voice), Vivid (bright, cheerful voice), Solid (loud, clear voice), and Light (innocent, heavenly voice).

[Hatsune Miku Append] Niji wo Kakeru Hatsune Miku [Original] 

For Those who can't differentiate ALL Miku Append voices,  here is a video of 6 different voices singing 1 single song. 
(NOTE: I can't find the English names so i'll use their original names in Japanese. For those who know their English names, do type them below, on the comment section. Thank You)

And her are my Top 10 Miku Append Songs:
(Thanks Mylifemyword for the English Names)

1. 初音ミクAppend dark feat. Utopia【オリジナル】 
2. [初音ミクAppendオリジナル曲] 五月少女 (gogatsu shoujo)
3. 【初音ミクAppend】やさしい想い出(オリジナル)(yasashii omoi de)
4. 【初音ミクappend(sweet)】Rain_Sweet_Umbrella【オリジナル】
5. 初音ミクAPPEND - ラセンナワタシ (noise cancelled)
6. 【初音ミクAppend】ノイズキャンセラー (rasen na watashi)
7. 【初音ミクAppend】 I miss you (オリジナル)
8. 【初音ミクappend・巡音ルカ】コトナカレ【オリジナル曲】(koto na kare)
9. 【古川本舗】 グリグリメガネと月光蟲 【初音ミクdark】 (guri-guri megane to gekkochuu)
10. 【初音ミクAppend】Antena - Radio edit【オリジナル曲】

1. 初音ミクAppend dark feat. Utopia【オリジナル】

2. [初音ミクAppendオリジナル曲] 五月少女 

3. 【初音ミクAppend】やさしい想い出(オリジナル)

4. 【初音ミクappend(sweet)】Rain_Sweet_Umbrella【オリジナル】

5. 初音ミクAPPEND - ラセンナワタシ

6. 【初音ミクAppend】ノイズキャンセラー

7. 【初音ミクAppend】 I miss you (オリジナル)

8. 【初音ミクappend・巡音ルカ】コトナカレ【オリジナル曲】

9. 【古川本舗】 グリグリメガネと月光蟲 【初音ミクdark】

10. 【初音ミクAppend】Antena - Radio edit【オリジナル曲】

Miku Append Extras:

(These are the Miku Append Songs that i can find for now, if you have any other Miku Append Songs which is not on the list above, do share it to us. Thanks ^^)

If you're wondering why most songs are sentimental/slow/blues, cause I like them. I love sentimental/slow/blues genre songs. Rock & Techno sometimes, but blues/jazz pop like songs are my favourites. If you want to find Rock or Techno Miku Append songs, I can tell you that unfortunately, only 30/100% are those. The rest.... Well, with those above, you'll get the picture.

But, no worries, i'm sure they will release more soon, not to mention Miku Append Figures too!!


Vocaloid's latest Album- Vocalogenesis 
(Top1 in Oricon Chart/Best choice: ローリンガール & charActer)
Download Links:
AniToBaka gives: A+

Next Release: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS SUPERNOVA 3 (7th JULY release)

Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd Dreamy Theater intro 
(song こっち向いて Baby by Ryo)

* News: Project Diva Dreamy Theatre on Ps3 &Black Rock Shooter Anime Version PVC figure can now be Ordered ( I ordered 1 myself too. TOOOOO AWESOMEE!! XD)


  1. The name in english is [Hatsune Miku Append] Niji wo Kakeru Hatsune Miku [Original]

  2. Well done on your Hatsune Miku Append post ^.^ Gambatte on future posts

  3. @mylifemyword: Oh, I see. XD I can't read japanese, only those few words in Chinese. Thanks for the info. ^^

    @Takeshi: Thanks ^^ I will Gambatte. I think that my Working!! post will take some time cause tomorrow will start class & work. will be busy frm now on T_T

  4. Awesome post. Haven't gone through all the songs yet, as I have class early tomorrow and I feel like finishing up my Prototype playthrough, but so far the ones I've gone through are great pieces.

    And, somehow I can only find these type of Append songs on YouTube so far, haven't been able to find any piece that resembles the old JRock Miku songs (Romeo and Cinderella Ouzoku Band ver. comes to mind)

    Also I've been looking for a DDL link for Vocalogenesis, thanks for posting it up! =D

  5. @Jie Han: Thanks ^^ I cant find JRock Miku songs either.... These r the only ones that i can gather. Hope they release some Techno n Rock soon. (Btw, do share this Blog around, aint getting much readers here, thanks T_T)

  6. hahaha welcome.. well anyway some of the songs in romaji

    2. gogatsu shoujo
    3. yasashii omoi de
    4. rasen na watashi
    5. noise cancelled
    8. koto na kare
    9. guri-guri megane to gekkochuu

  7. @mylifemyword: ^^ Thanks for the english names XD BTW, I just realize that the 1st main pic, both seiyuus r the same XDDDD Didnt realize till now XD

  8. There are a lot of nice tracks here.
    I especially like ラセンナワタシ and ノイズキャンセラー. All the Miku artworks are very nice as well.

    I still can't differentiate between the voices very well, but oh well. Miku is Miku.

    By the way, it might be nice to turn on comments for anonymous posters. I'm having a bit of trouble commenting with open ID and it's actually a lot of annoying steps to comment with wordpress.

  9. @Yi: I like those songs too, but i still Love Utopia the most. probably cause of the feat. by nico singer.

    Ok, i'll open up the anonymous part ^^ didnt noticed that, sorry Xd