Thursday, June 3, 2010

K-On!! Season2 ep1-9 Short Reviews (+ Extras)

Before getting into the groove of the reviews, here are my thoughts of the OP n ED of K-On!! Season 2:

The song is a total chaos at 1st, but once u get use to it, its kinda okay. The 1st time K-On!! ep1 was aired, many people from Nico Nico Douga & Otakus (+me... once) complained that its like Hirasawa Yui(Toyosaki Aki) singing crap in a chipmunk voice. But after a few eps, i found it quite cute! By the way, only "Maniac" person like Yui can sing "GO! GO! MANIAC" while playing the guitar.
-AniToBaka gives: B

Great choice on clothings, nice song, nice ED, but I don't like it. Why? I don't really know. Guess i'm used to "Don't Say Lazy" as K-On!'s ED. (1 more thing, I LOVEx1000 YUI's LOOK IN "LISTEN!!" Its better than "Don't Say Lazy" Ver. Yui, let me Kidnap you!!)
-AniToBaka gives: C+

OMG, I LOVE IT!!! The 1st n 2nd time I listen to it, I almost burst into tears. I kinda felt "grief&Sadness" when listening to it!
-AniToBaka gives: A

K-On! Episode Reviews:


Episode 1
I was kinda overexcited when it 1st release. But after a few minutes, the excitment just went *Poof..* into mid air. Totally bores me and was hoping that I can skip that part. (which I can't cause i'm watching it Live on TBS Channel) Only some humor parts makes me Laugh. The only part that I like in ep1 is the near ending part, where Azunyan forces Yui to practice.
- Humor: 4/10
-AniToBaka gives: E-


Episode 2
Okay, this episode is LoL! Kinda Like it ^^ Get to see Mio's Ponytail Yomi(Ga-Rei) look!!! \(^.^)/ Too bad it just only a few minutes. Oh, and the Home Center visit is also Funny. Anyways, ep2 is better than ep1.
- Humor: 8/10
-AniToBaka gives: C+


Episode 3
Nothing much. Just an episode about Ritsu. And I don't really like her. But I like the part where she tried to play the Guitar n Keyboard. Oh, and the "Chaga, Chaga, Chang, Chang, Chaga Chang, Chaga... Hai!" Part XD
- Humor: 5/10
-AniToBaka gives: D

Episode 4
Kyoto!!! Monkeys & Daikon?? Yes! This episode is my most most Favourite! I've rewatched it over 10 times! I can't stop LoLing since the beginning! Love the "Yade!" Kansai game too! The "Lycopene~~" n Mugi snort part makes me Laugh evertime I watch it. (btw, in SPHERE radio talk, they say that the snort is actually Kotobuki Minako insulting about Tomatsu Haruka, n Toyosaki Aki tried to provoke Minako by saying "Lycopene")
- Humor: 9/10
-AniToBaka gives: A

 Episode 5
Orz... another "little" boring episode. About Azunyan, Ui n Jun. Nothing much, only that I want Ui as my personal housekeeper!! >w<
- Humor: 3/10
-AniToBaka gives: C

Episode 6
Hummm... very humorous. Kinda like this ep too. Love it when Azunyan named her Mustang "Muttan" n Mio's bass "Elizabeth" XD (I named mine Shi-chan/death cause its black) Same as Yui, I love rain!! Though I wish to have harems like Yui with Ui n Azunyan. Yui, why don't u just cover your Guitar bag with 2 layered plastic, Cloth, then with newspapers n pastic again?? Such a dojikko but I still love Yui!
- Humor: 8/10
-AniToBaka gives: B+

Episode 7
Last time Ritsu, now Mio. Same as ep 3, I don't really like Mio either. The only LoL part for me is the cake cutting scene, the rest... BORING! (Oh, and "Pure Pure Heart" is Awesome!!!)
- Humor: 2/10
-AniToBaka gives: E-

Episode 8
1 word, "LOLIs!!!" Quite a good eps! Oh yes! n we get to see the "almost alike" scene of Season 1's ep1!!! XD I just can't stop rewatching the "Ne~~ e~~ to~~" Part!!! So Kawaii!! And all the Loli attacks!!!
- Humor: 7/10
-AniToBaka gives: B

Episode 9
I HATE EXAMS!!! >< Who won't. Anyways. This ep's Humor is Good! And its full of idoities. How can Yui mistook Soya Sauce to Sugar in 3 sec!!!! The Fuwa Fuwa Time Enka Ver. really Makes me LoL till Orz!!! I can't help it until I turn off the volume!!
- Humor: 10/10
-AniToBaka gives: B+

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  1. This is a good review of all the episodes of K-On!! season 2 up until now XD

    If you are going to do a review of the next anime I think you should go for Working!! because for me that one has a lot of laughter (ok not as much as Arakawa under the Bridge)

    My your blog become famous XD

    -Abdul Munzir-

  2. Keep up with the good work!!!

    -Kamiya Too-

  3. I loved episode 7 and 8! Yuri and loli. ^ ^

    Anyways, I haven't really gotten into the music of second season yet. Maybe I need to give it more time. I love the "Listen!!" outfit though.

  4. @SoulMagician: Thanks ^^ I just talk abit wat it is about n just giv direct comment. XD Yup! I'll go for Working!! then. Arakawa have not much to tlk about. Thanks, Ya, i hope more ppl will come to my blog, even if its just looking around.

    @Shin-Destiny: Thanks ^^ I will.

    @Yi: ep7 is ok but ep8 is good. LOLI!!! >w<
    Same here, i love their outfit. Good sense of choice. I like the OP but the ED... nah.

    Oh and btw, Thanks again for adding my link on ur site ^^