Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AniToBaka's 1st Video!!

Our Youtube account FINALLY releases a Video!!!! Made by me. If anyone how doesn't know the AniToBaka Youtube account, its at the sidebar.

My 1st Video is Lucky Star's Kusakabe Misao Parody MAD..... Since I like both her and Mizuhara Kaoru's baka-ish voice XDDD

Anyways, the beginning part where Misao says "watashi anne to yobuna!!"..... u can't find any Video on Youtube of Misao's own voice (not Yomi) saying that, so I made 1.

Another 1... the original Video of Misao saysing "watashi anne to yobuna!!"

*NOTE: I won't sub it cause I'm lazy to. If you're the hard working type, do send me the subtitles if u want to ^^

And Lastly, do Enjoy the Show & support us


  1. the contents are great XD

    but the only problem is that when uploading video onto YT there is a possibility that the videos will lag out because of YT....

    so I think you should Too about how to fix this, cause he once uploaded all the episodes of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun onto YT

  2. @Soul: XXD I wont upload animes eps cuz i'm sooooo lazy, only upload small vids ^^

  3. Always loved Misao. Nice remix of her voice.

  4. @Yi: Thanks ^^ glad u like it. I really love Misao, Yomi, Mizuhara Kaoru... too bad shes not in many animes this spring...