Monday, June 21, 2010

AniToBaka Goodies!!!

Yes, this is my Desktop, shared this cause I LOVE IT!! ^w^

Lots of My friends wanted my PCSX2 cause i can Run, Play and Save it with No problem at all (except there's a little lag on some parts... Only have Persona 4 for now, still downloading Okami and Kingdom Hearts 2 Mix :D) So, here is it. I'll share it to everyone cause I'm a very generous person... LoL!!
 Have Fun. ^^

*BTW, it took me 3-5 months on completing all the PCSX2, BIOS, Plugins, MemoryCards, Game Downloads... + Settings and to make it Run, Save and Unlag.

Name: Shinra's 
Size: 53.96MB 
Description: Shinra's PCSX2

Name: Shinra's PCSX2 Setting 
Size: 2.70MB 
Description: Shinra's PCSX2 Setting Tutorial

I'll try the X-Box & Ps3 Emulator next time... Hummm, does anyone have a PsP Emulator that really works? I have 1 but it won't load my Game (Project Diva that I dl frm net)... HELP??

Another Goodie, Guitar TABs by AniToBaka

Hoshi & Kappa, the only 2 characters that I don't like in the Anime.

Arakawa Under The Bridge (荒川アンダー ザ ブリッジ) ED "Sakasama Bridge (逆様ブリッジ)" by Suneohair TV size TABs.... Created by me. I once post this on Listless Ink and my Facebook account when I still haven't create this Blog yet.

Sakasama Bridge TV Size

Sakasama Bridge FULL (PV)

Sakasama Bridge FULL mp3:

(THML, txt, Powertab Editor format & MIDI)

*NOTE: Change 1 of the txt file.... frm Sakasama Bridge TAB.text  to  Sakasama Bridge TAB.txt so that u can open it)

Well, Guess thats it for now, more Goodies to come soon. 


  1. Wow XD

    *.* Look at all the good stuffs that are available XD

    I've downloaded the PS2X but I still do not have the game for it, I'll find one when I have the time XD

    Thanks for all of these XD

  2. @Soul: XDD No Problem, wanna make ppl come to my blog, and make them interested so I dont even mind sacrificing my time ^^

    BTW, a normal ISO game for PCSX2 is between 2-4GB my persona 4 is 4.11GB while my Okami is 2.90GB...

  3. Thanks for the PCSX2 emulator~ wonder if it really work, still need to try it out!!! Thanks for the Sakasama Bridge PV~

    -カミヤ Too

  4. @Too: Can Save. Just do wat i do on the Tutorial save part. XD At 1st i cant too.