Friday, September 17, 2010

Sad Yet Happy September

Sorry for the wait. Really am busy again till I totally don't have any spare time on posting this blog.Work, classes, assignments, manga editing for Tsundere Scans, making songs and lyrics, anime, games and work again... So I finally made up my mind, the heck with 1 week with 1 post, I'll post only whenever I can.

 My Tsuma's 1st Single Limited Edition Arrives:

Mina-chan's PV.... refer this 1st! XD

As what the title said, My Tsuma (you all should know by now that its Kotobuki Minako/Mina-chan)'s 1st single "Shiny +" Limited Edition arrived. But different from other Mina-chan fans, I don't wanna be the Bicycle, the school girl, whistle, daikon and what ever is in he PV. I don't even mind those. No, I really don't need to be those "Whatever~" stuffs. I wanna be myself and let her really be my Tsuma!!!! XD

And for the CD, 1 is enough. Remember for any rich Mina-chan fans out there, 4-10 CD's is wayyy too much!!! All I need is 1 CD and her in my life.

Limited Edition CD Pics:

My Tsuma's Birthday:

I wanted to post this yesterday, but then, I realized that My Tsuma Mina-chan's birthday is on 17/9... so yeah, EXTENDED just for her. So, I did a "small" (bigger than KitaEri's) birthday set for My Tsuma.

-Cake (grape on top since her next single is grapes too. LoL)
-Spaghetti (must must have her fav food)
-Orange Juice (Checked, her fav drink)
-candles (This time, I HAVE EM!!!)
-Haru-chan & Mina-chan in a frame present
-Mina-chan's Single
-Mina-chan's 2 Posters
-Mina-chan's Large Photo
-A bunch of white flowers XDD

Pics, yeah, really felt weird for me too:

Chose a grape version cake for her cause her upcoming single = grapes XDDD

End of K-ON?! Sob!!!

Yes, its the end of K-ON!! T_T  Lets Cry and sob with Azunyan!!! and the weird thing is, I cant!!! I mean yeah, its sad, I felt sadness but why? OMG why I didn't cry??? Yet I just LOL and Nico : ]  till the end. I love K-ON! so much yet I didn't shed a single drop of tear?! Oh well.

I won't say much about this cause most of us watches K-ON! knew what happened. If not, go back to your cave, suck your thumb and watch Power Rangers! XD

Other News:

No Much, but here goes...

Just bought/ordered a Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid.

Bought/ Ordered a  K-ON! Hirasawa Yui's Character CD.

Joined Tsundere Translations, position as Editor.

Will be busy on work and classes till end of Dec.

Found a new Tsuma, ranking 4th in my List, Hanazawa Kana.

Will post on the Festival/Matsuri that I will be helping out. Post will be on Monday. Something like this, and its Isuzu Fest.

Found something AWESOME! (highly recommended for Gamers and Movie Lovers)

My Olympus E620 will now named Seiya Oneesama.

Thats all I can think of for updates.... Will post some more news next week. Oh, and almost forgot, The Spaghetti was cooked by me!!! For real!!! XD


  1. A tidal wave of updates just flew past and I love it XDDD

    let me start from the beginning

    Mina-chan otanjoubi omedetto gosaimas *pachi pachi pachi* may your life be as blessed as ever XDDDD

    Chrisin, um I don't know how to say this pic where the spaghetti and cake was put in front of Mina-chan made it look like a funeral ==

    K-On!! may be over but, it still goes on in our lives and in HTT's music XDDD

    Hi Seiya-oneesama XDDDD

  2. @Soul: I thought so too. XDD but I cant put it on top of my Laptop or u will never see me online again. No choice but to place it infront. (At least I celebrate her birthday) XDDD

    Yes!! WE LOVE HTT!!! K-ON will be forever popular!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mina-chan and Congratulation on getting Mina-chan first debut single *abit jealous* nice spaghetti!!! *Gonna celebrate my Tsuma birthday next year on February*

    K-On!! ended with me droping in tear when they sing the song... *I go LOLZ in alot of scene* Poor Azunyan~*sob* HTT will live in us forever!!!!

    WE LOVE HTT! K-ON forever!!!!

    -カミヤ Too

  4. @Shinra: haha the main importance is the thought right XDDD

    @Too: I'm having great expectations for the birthday party you're setting for Haru-chan XDDD

  5. @Soul: Yes!!! The thought counts!!! XDDD LOVE MINA-CHAN SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! kidnap her!!!!

    @Too: Haru-chan's b-day... Now, Im waiting for My 3rd Tsuma's birthday, Inoue Marina on 20 Jan & My 4th Tsuma, Kana-chan's b-day on 25 Feb... XDDD

  6. haha I understand the feeling of wanting to kidnap her, but then like I said, crimes must be done in secrecy XDDDD

    in any case. you will also conduct birthday parties for both of your other tsuma??

  7. @Soul: yes. but due to that I love to pick favourites, the rest are all small parties. Mina-chan, Yui and KitaEri are the big ones XD

  8. hmmm...I see....well no matter small or big a party is none the less a party and a party = fun XDDDD

  9. September's a busy time for so many people... Good luck with everything. ^ ^

    Congrats on the editor position and look forward to seeing your contributions there.

    I've been afraid of watching K-On! actually... Because I really don't want to see it end. It's going to be so sad when I get to the last episode. :(

  10. @Yi: Thanks ^^ Really hate busy days.

    XD LoL... I chose Tsundere Scans cause I found out that you guys need more help. Dynasty n lilicious already have lots of helpers.

    Watch it, Sad is nice. But yeah. It's so weird that they end K-ON! like this.

  11. First of all
    Happy (belated) birthday for Kotobuki san

    Orz.. i nearly fell on the floor when i saw you put the candles on the spaghetti as well..
    Why Σ(゜д゜;)? (ww)

    So..Kotobuki san is your tsuma? Does tsuma means 'wife'? how about Kitamura san? She is your first 'crush'?

    /confused of your harem (¬_¬)

  12. LoL!!! XD Mina-chan is my 2nd Wife, KitaEri 1st. XDD 3rd Inoue Marina 4th Hanazawa Kana.