Friday, September 3, 2010

A New Family Member Arrives!!

Sorry for the long wait on my new post, I was so busy from all the assignments, internship, work and most of all, from my damn report. Luckily there is this friend who is so generous, helped me out, which really did saved my life ^^. Life is a total mess, especially when it comes to facing your enemies on the same class (Yes, just started a new semester), and I won't tell who it is cause things might get ugly if I do, so who's that guy/gal, i'll leave that to your imagination. Xd

The most recent big news in my life for now is that I recruit a new family member, an Imouto (young sis). Shi-chan (my Onee-chan) was so jealous cause I've been clinging with my Imouto ever since I recruit her yesterday. And THIS is the beginning of my Harem Life.

LoL..... now, let me introduce my Imouto to you guys:

Name: Olympus E620 (more Info HERE)
Date that I Recruited: 02/09/10
Recruitment Fee: USD 896 (RM2800)


And here are the Pics of her:

I'm still a Baka/Idiot on Photography so hope you can forgive me on this un-professional image that I took by using my Imouto.

Okay, so here's something fun for you all, what should I name my Imouto? It must be a japanese name for sure and must have Tei " テー" as the Family Name.
(ex. my guitar: Shi-chan.... Full name: Tei Shina "テー 死那")

The best name will be used forever on her, do remember to fit a good nick name ending with a "-chan" too.
Good Luck ^^


  1. nice addition to the family XDDD
    ii na, hoshi desu

    for the name I will go for Saya-chan XDDDD

  2. @Soul: Y Saya?? (give reason pls ^^)

    And pls give the Kanji name for her XD

  3. haha sorry no reason, it just popped up in my head, and I can't give kanji with this comp (no japanese language installed) so its katakana XD

  4. @Soul: Oh, Its ok ^^ Lets see if what others give 1st XD

  5. Hehe that's nice. I totally thought you were talking about a real person at first.

  6. @Yi: Thanks ^^ then that means I succeed on making my items as a real family XDDD