Monday, August 2, 2010

Sphere + K-ON!! + Hard LIFE!!!!

FINALLY!!!! CLASSES AND EXAMS ARE OVER!!! for now tho.... But my Internship still keeps my Brain and Life a hard time. Really, work is fun if you think so. But I still don't like it no matter what. (I mean working, not the company that I'm working now. Have to say this clearly or some idiots who can't SPIAK ENGURISHU will misunderstand again!!) But anyways, my internship only last 8 days more, so...GAMBARE, WATASHI!


Now, for the Main Event, Sphere Releases their new Album, which we all know cause I've been nagging about it like weeks ago till now. It was released on 28/8/2010.... and is the 6th (OMG) album.... called "Now Loading... SKY!!"

* I didn't knew alot about Kotobuki Minako/Mina-chan (like she is left handed like me, Have a right Dimple, Loves Tomatsu Haruka/Haru-chan and Spaghetti and TONS OF STUFFS!!) till I read THIS. (wiki of Seiyuus) DO search here for all of your Fav seiyuu Info...

Download Link: HERE

PV Here:

I Personally love it, and my Limited Edition of this album that I ordered still haven't arrive.... Orz
(If i can say 100000 times I LOVE SPHERE/MINA-CHAN in 20 secs, I WILL!!! XDD)



Okay, now on to K-ON!! Guess I don't have to explain much about this, everyone who watches K-ON!! knows about the new OP2 n ED2.... If not then you're sitting in a time-capsule, buried 17 feet down under, Collecting Kamen Raider Figures, reading DragonBall mangas and still watching Doraemon (no offense but I still think there are still people doing this.... except for the time-capsule and buried 17 feet down under part.)

Download Links: HERE (New OST for K-ON!! Season 2 too!!)

THE PV FOR ALL 4 songs:

1st PV: OP2 Single "Utauyo!!MIRACLE" 01 - Utauyo!!MIRACLE
2nd PV: OP2 Single "Utauyo!!MIRACLE"02- Kira Kira Days
3rd PV: ED2 Single "NO,Thank You!" 01 - NO,Thank You!
4th PV: ED2 Single "NO,Thank You!" 02 - Girls in Wonderland





(BTW, No, Thank You > "Thank" stands for = T... Tainaka, H... Hirasawa, A... Akiyama, N... Nakano, K... Kotobuki!  Guess that the Producers have an AWESOME brain, I didn't even noticed that after someone told me... What a K-ON! fan am I!! XDD)


So Yeah, Life is a mess when it comes to studying and working at the same time... But luckily, I have my animes to keep me alive, Literally.

And for those who are Ito Kanae's fan, You should try out "Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu". I can't comment anything yet, cause I haven't touched it too XD

As for Yuri*** fans, like me, U should try out... S*no H*nab*ra OVA (sorry for the "***" cause some of the people that visit here are still underage. Yeah, Sucks right?)

Oh, and there is another Yuri anime releasing soon, called Kuttsukiboshi... an OVA that will release on 16/8/2010. The guy who made this OVA did all the directing, designing, drawing, music... all the stuffs (except Seiyuuing) by himself, so don't blame for the LQ and stuffs, making an anime alone is hard, and I mean VERYYY HARRDDD.


Hummm, what else.... Ah Ha!! Here are my new Laptop Wallpapers, they are both Sphere, and I love them both XD



Wallpaper Download:
VERSION 1> download (edited by me)
VERSION2> download (found from some random Japanese site)



*Just a Quick News, I just ordered (this time its the fast express so I have to pay more) a Limited Edition of KOTOBUKI MINAKO/MINA-CHAN's  1st DEBUT SINGLE "Shiny +"!!! YES!!! Its her 1st debut so I MUST MUST order the Quick Express no matter what!!! (Planning to buy a wallpaper and T-shirt of her... or Sphere if there is no Mina-chan Ver)

"Shiny +" can be ordered HERE! (HURRY! The Limited Edition doesn't have much left!!)

*Sphere ON LOVE, ON Live @ Nippon Budokan , 23 November 2010
(Its the Same date as AFA2010 I think)

*Tomatsu Haruka's new Single "Nagisa no Shooting Star" is also available HERE (will release on 4/8/2010)

*Sphere's new Single will be release on Autumn, the song is for an anime called " Otome Yokai Zakuro " which Toyosaki Aki will be seiyuuing in it.

* I'm trying out the Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu 伝説の勇者の伝説 anime for now cause its Takagaki Ayahi, Taketatsu Ayana/Aya-chi, Fujita Saki & Sawashiro Miyuki seiyuuing. XD

Well, that's all for now, will now run into the garden of Animes and Sphere and Mina-chan + Mina-chan's Fav Spaghetti now XDDD



  1. More Sphere, more K-On!! and more Anime!!! *More Haru-chan pls!!!!* XD


  2. Wow you weren't joking...this is freaking long...anyways thanks for the links and pictures that you prepared XDDD

    btw when is Mina-chan's album released?? (sorry to busy to check myself) XDDD

    I would like to hear a review on Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu XDDD

  3. @Kamiya: YES!!! SPHERE, K-ON! to Anime ga MOTTO HOSHI!!! XDD Haru-chan's legs is a total win, even those legs wins over Mina-chan >w<

    @Soul: Ya!! Weren't joking at all, took me 2-3 hours to finish this blog, Bash all the new info n stuffs in 1 post so tat i dont have to create many diff post. XD

    Mina-chan's "Shiny+" album releases on 16/9 right before her birthday on 17/9, so its easy to remember XD

    Well, I just finished ep1, aint tat bad, and its kinda funny ^^

  4. oo I see XDDD
    my friend's watching the show and recommends it to me for various reason (though the main reason is the seiyuus) so I'm considering it in my to buy list XDD

  5. *coughnoexposeofmehlifeD<cough* ;x
    (about the sitting-in-a-time-capsule-buried-17-feet-down-under-collecting-kamen-rider-figures-and-STILL-WATCHING-DORAEMON ;x minus the reading Dragon Ball part though xo)
    when do you think S*no H*nab*ra OVA release?!?!
    i can't wait ... T________________T..
    YES Kittsukiboshi!!! 16/8
    I WILL WAIT (eyes burnt +_+)
    maybe i should write down in my schedule hehehe +_+...

    i read that.. among the Sphere member, Kotobuki Minako san is quiet a good singer compared to the other members, is that true o.O? .. she looks so pretty in that picture T//T

  6. @Adel: about the sitting-in-a-time-capsule-buried-17-feet-down-under-collecting-kamen-rider-figures-and-STILL-WATCHING-DORAEMON part.... yeah, I knew someone is still doing this XD

    SONO HANABIRA is already out... u can get the links from Yi on Listless Ink... its in my (Links n Banners) section... (Can't put the links here cause for the sake of those under age ppl who comes here T_T)

    Kittsukiboshi!!! REALLY WANT THIS NOWWW!!! XD (got this info frm Katherine... Yuri no Boke.blogspot)

    Mina-chan is indeed the only singer that I really admit... she is AWESOME!!!

    (BUT in reality, Takagaki Ayahi is the Best among them cuz she can sing High Pitch... Opera Soap like high pitch. Check out her latest debut single "Kimi ga Iru Kara"'s 3rd song, U raise me up... and u'll know y)

    MINA-CHAN IS THE PRETTIEST!!!! LOVE HER!!!!! Tho Haru-chan wins over her on Leg beauty.... BUT MINA-CHAN IS TOO BEAUTIFUL!! EVEN IF SHE's 18 YEARS OLD!!!! (going 19 on 17th Sept)

  7. i would visit the links you give me once i reach home AND THEN...
    *starts daydreaming..+q+..*

    oh i heard her version of 'You Raise me Up' fact .. i think i downloaded 'Kimi ga Iru Basho' just to listen 'You Raise me Up'.. ;x


    oh..Kotobuki Minako san.. we are on the same age xO

  8. @Adel: Hahaha!!! XDD Yuri addicted to eh? XDDD Me too... got the Virus like 4-5 years ago XD

    Yup!! Aya-pi's U raise me up is EPIC!!! :D Lets hope Mina-chan wind over her on her 1st Debut Single!!! >w<

    Yeah, ToAki is cute, thats wat my cousin said too when I send the Virus too her... she Prefered Her too.... TT_TT Y???!!!! Mina-chan is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! (Haru-chan too)

    Oh, so u're 2 years younger than me XD

  9. Shinra@
    i am already a *coughyuriaddictedcough* when i got the manga read about it ~(+_+~)(~+_+)~

    what D; win over Ayahime? fair competition,whoever that has given best effort should be given the best result..;x

    Mina-chan is ..prettier than me even though we are on the same age TT___TT..she looks like the eldest around the member but but she is the youngest (whut?!she can always ask Hocchan for advice being 17 forever xoooo)
    but but ToAki san has the greatest smile than the rest of the member!!! ;x
    (i love cute cute ,great smile and by far the most knowledgeable person in Sphere xooo)
    Ayahime is so like princess! i feel like being her only private cooker by learning how to cook and cook for her everyday xoooooooooo (happiness~)