Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My 24-27 July Trip to Penang & KL

3 days without net is soooooo boring!!!! >< Luckily i can use Facebook only on my Phone... anyways, I went to Penang to my Aunt's wedding Anniversary. Its ok, nice view, nice house visit and nice food.... But I still prefer the "After Penang" trip at Kuala Lumpur. Main reason is, CAUSE ALL ANIME GOODIES ARE THERE!!! XDDD Yes! I bought lots of anime stuffs, and it ate my Wallet alive, the total spend is overall RM 300+.

This is what I bought:

-K-ON! Hirasawa Yui T-shirt
-K-ON! Mug
-K-ON! Manga (JPN ver) Vol 1. [Cause its Yui at the front cover, Tehe! )
-To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Manga (JPN ver) Vol 5. + Railgun Doujin/light novel
-Maria Sama ga Miteru/Marimite (Live Action ver) Light Novel (JPN ver)

Yup, its all Originally Japanese, and I don't understand a single word!!! XDD
NOTE: I bought the T-shirt & Mug at the Toy Fair in Mid Vally, was a last minute rush cause I reach KL around 5-6pm, check in, mum took a bath, and rush to the Toy Fair around 7pm XD

Here are some pics of my Aunts Place n the Anniversary Dinner at Penang:

& Here are the pic of my Goodies n collections: (YUI COLLECTION)

Here's some pic of the Marimite Light Novel:

 Finally here are the pic of my K-ON!/Hirasawa Yui Collections (Still collecting tho)


Oh, And about the Black Rock Shooter OVA, It was Ok, nice plot but still, Ova is not enough for us, BRS really deserves a Series rather than an OVA... And the ending is kinda half way end and I hate those kind of endings... >< I'll give a 6/10.


(PV edit made by Zer0ne01 with Lerorin's lyrics, Thanks ^^)

BTW, during my trip, I reloop Sphere's "Now Loading... SKY!!" 3 Days straight!!! XDD Guess not many people with Sphere disease will do this... Don't know why, but relooping this song over 200 times doesn't make me bored at all XD

 This pic that I edit really makes my heart DOKI DOKI!!! XD
Yes!! and after bashing this many times repeating of this song, my Kotobuki Minako/Mina-chan's sickness actually became a virus XD Mina-chan!!! Kimi ni Tabetai!!!! ( I wanna eat you, Mina-chan!!!)

*Sorry for my Mina-chan craziness, but I can't help it since I'm into her recently XD


  1. Nice place and house you're aunt has XDDD

    But as you said the real fun is after the Penang trip XDD

    I love all the anime goods that you bought, I must really get some cash soon to get my anime goods XDDD

    to adore and love Mina-chan is ok..demo, hanzai dake yarenaide -_-"

  2. @Soul: Yes, but they mistook my "3 days without net is boring" part to "Penang & KL is boring!!! OMFGGG!!! Its so obvious that I felt bored in me cause no net to play at hotel!!! Soooo obvious yet how can they say that!!! ><

    Yup, KL trip was my fav even if all the walking and running n standing frm 10am till 10 pm, its TOTALLY WORTH it!! XDD

    Is still collecting them tho... but my Wallet is drying up ><

    Mina-chan, I wont do anything bad to her... except doddle abit of her Pic saying the stuffs that I wanna hear her say to me XDD

  3. that's how parents are...they all have a one-side track...haiz really sienzzzzz....

    never mind that XDDD

    well its normal for anyone's wallet or purse or pocket to cry after its squeezed so tightly XD
    Yeah to me all the trouble of walking and running around would feel like its nothing when I see the anime goods that I have XDDD
    its so good to be an Otaku XD you get calm easily XDDDD

    I wonder how many times Mina-chan will sneeze >.>

  4. @Soul: not my Parents but my Aunts n cousins.... ><

    I think Mina-chan sneezed 10 times per hour XDD

  5. oo I see... ><

    I just hope Mina-chan doesn't get a cold ><

  6. Marimite live action!!
    Your aunt's place looks amazing. Really upscale and elegant! Hope you had fun there.

    Anyways, nice buys. ^ ^

  7. @ Yi: Thanks ^^ Yeah, Marimite Live action... Its all in Japanese so I totally dont understand it >< The live action releases on Winter... if I'm wrong, thats normal, cuz I suck on that subject XD

    BTW, new Yuri anime Kuttsukiboshi releasing on 16/8...

    where did you shop around and find those awesome stuffs ;-;?!
    Maria Sama ga Miteru/Marimite (Live Action ver) Light Novel (JPN ver)?!?!
    WHAT?!?! T.T REALLY?!
    oh wait..Light Novel haha .. T_T..
    but no worries i would still buy and learn what they are trying to tell me..even if i had to take up Japanese dictionary and check the word one by one T___T...
    i want your yuri collections T_T..

    why Shi-chan D;?
    it should be Adeeechan ;x
    joking hahaha.. i thought you have your KitaEri you should stick with her ;x..

  9. @Adel: I heard frm my friend that there was a Toyfair at Midvally.... and Guess what, its right at the time when I arrive at KL XDD (I bought them at the Toyfair, Little Akiba stall)

    Yes!!! ITS MARIMITE LIGHT NOVEL.... LIVE ACTION VER!!!! But its all in japanese so i totallyyyyy 1000% dont understand anything XD

    (LoLLLl!!! I have tons of Yuri manga, DVD and LightNovel... those are my Yuri collections... Come to my Hse and I'll let u see n read them ^^)

    KitaEri is still my No.1 and Marina is till 2nd.... but both of them are very silent for alot of months.... no Songs too >< at least Mina-chan has Sphere for releasing songs ^^

  10. you are so lucky ...;c *sob*
    oh..WHAT WHAT LIVE ACTION VER?! err light novel..does that mean i just have to read not movie ;__;?

    okok! i want to come over to your house and borrow your yuri!!!

    guess your KitaEri has been into collaboration with Asumi into Artery Vein..they are going to have a debut release too..but you said you don't want to support Artery Vein so.. *whistle*