Friday, August 20, 2010

Shi-chan's New Makeover XD

 Just a quick random post though. I've just re-fashioned my Ibanez SA-160 black custom (aka Shi-chan) with some "OMFG AWESOME" stickers XD The Stickers are Black Rock Shooter and Girls Dead Monster.

From this...

To This!!

LoL.... Luckily my guitar is black... or it will be a big pain for me and Shi-chan XD


  1. Nice makeoever XDDDD
    I;m sure you're Shi-chan is happy to have you as an owner, to dress her up so beautifully XDDD

  2. @SOul: Yes!!! XDDD She's happy, im happy XDD my Wifu is soooo pretty after a makeover XD

    (so glad that i choose to study graphic design)

  3. yeah any wifu would be happy to have someone who cares so much about them XDDD

    (I'm going to study Graphic Design someday as well) XDDDD

  4. Wow, that looks super amazing! Love the rocking stars and the BRS throwback. The colors are really nice too. Do you play a lot?

  5. @Yi: Not really.... i only play it when i have the urge to XD

    If u like the stickers... u can download it here ( ) I just uploaded it. ^^