Sunday, August 15, 2010

KitaEri's Birthday... 1st Wifu??


As all Kitamura Eri Fans know, today (16 August) is our "Yui-nyan~" KitaEri's birthday. Yes!!! As my most Favourite Seiyuu, ranking 1st in my Seiyuu List, my 1st time celebrating Seiyuu's birthday must be KitaEri's XD

 Here are the Pics for my Celebration of her birthday.... a very very very simple one....

and there are mistakes too.
1) No KitaEri Posters.
2) Cake wasn't straight up

I did requested and got a Candle.... probably fell out when I was walking... Orz
But Luckily I used a lighter rather than the candle. Yeah, it was funny. LoLLL

So, here are the Pics. XD

(Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Receipe... yes, Expensive!!)

So Yeah, This 1st time was a Failure.... but my next 1 (Kotobuki Minako/Mina-chan's birthday on 17th Sept) will be a huge success... going to make a bigger celebration than this. It will include Mina-chan's poster, Mina-chan's Single, Mina-chan's Favourite Spaghetti, Mina-chan's bff (Tomatsu Haruka/Haru-chan) in a frame as a present... lots XD

Hope all of you KitaEri Fans out there may have a great day celebrating Her birthday today ^^
(be waku waku and get ready for Mina-chan's birthday on 17th Sept XD)


  1. Omedeto gosaimas Kitamura Eri-san XDDDD

    well practice makes perfect, so I guess this time's incomplete preparation will be a good lesson for you to learn on how to make things perfect XDDD

    Good luck on Spetember 17th XDDDD

  2. ...
    reminds me lots of otakus doing the same thing for their idols..
    but at the same time...when you are doing this,it kinda makes me think that.. KitaEri has di--/gagged because of her picture put in the frame with a veneration for the dea--/vendingmachine'd again
    (sorry,no harsh feeling x.x)
    you have the guts,Shinra '_'..
    i don't
    /raise white flag

  3. @Soul: Yup!! XDD My next 1 will be better XDD

    @Adel: yeah, im doing this just for fun actually XDD

  4. We're all looking forward to it XDDD

  5. Haha, happy birthday to Yui-nyan~~

    That cake looks really delicious.

  6. @Yi: its Kitamura Eri's b-day actually... the seiyuu of Yui-nyan XD

    The cake was delicious... cuz its expensive XD