Wednesday, July 7, 2010

K-On! "Let's Go!" Live Preview

Ever heard about k-On!? If you don't  that means that you're either not an anime fan or you're outdated. I bet that those who come here 1000% know what K-On! is so I won't explain about it. Anyways, remember the K-On! Live Concert which was held last year? The BluRay finally released on 30/6, right before my birthday. Having that released really made me happy, going "Untan Untan, Yoisho Yoisho" the whole day XD

Hirasawa Yui: Toyosaki Aki
Akiyama Mio: Hikasa Yoko
Tainaka Ritsu: Satou Satomi
Kotobuki Tsumugi: Kotobuki Minako
Nakano Azusa: Taketatsu Ayana
Yamanaka Sawako: Sanada Asami
Manabe Nodoka: Fujitou Chika
Hirasawa Ui: Yonezawa Madoka

1. Cagayake! GIRLS
2. MC 1 (Introduction)
3. Guitar ni Kubittake
4. Heart Goes Boom!!
5. Girly Storm Shissou Stick
6. Dear My Keys ~Kenban no Mahou~
7. Jajauma Way To Go
8. Maddy Candy
9. MC 2 Introduction and Game

10. Lovely Sister LOVE
11. Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!!
12. MC 3 [ Ainichi no Keion Bu]
13. Curry Nochi Rice
14. Fudepen Ballpen
15. Fuwa Fuwa Time

- Don't Say "Lazy"
- Cagayake! GIRLS
- Let's Go!

Before the 1st song, Intro:

(people shouting till the end of the Live!0*school bell chime*..... (song of the "next episode" in K-On! episode near ending) + Introduction for the 8 characters/seiyuus on screen.

HTT band members saying "is getting ready, please wait." "Sorry for waiting" (and some crap to extend time) one by one.

Finally (after a few mins),
Ritsu said: "Are you guys ready?"
Azusa: "yes!"
Mugi: "I'm alright!"
Mio: "should be..."
Yui: "Then, lets Start!"

HTT: "All of the guests! Lets Countdown together, 1,2! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!


(CAGAYAKE! GIRLS PERFORMANCE/ everyone of them holding their instruments, but not actually playing while singing)
After the song, HTT members introduce themselves, and talk those things that normal concerts do.... (too much and i cant keep track Xd)

After MC:

Guitar ni Kubittake, Heart Goes Boom!!, Girly Storm Shissou Stick, Dear My Keys ~Kenban no Mahou~, Jajauma Way To Go, Maddy Candy
(Continously.... they perform. I really like the solo before each song starts XD Especially Yui, Mugi n Azunyan's... Sawa-chan's Teeth guitar was a TOTAL LOLLL!!!)

After Songs:

Came in HTT again, bla bla-ing again, and called Ui & Nodoka to come out onto the stage and ask weird questions like "How is your feeling to stand on this stage?" and so on. Later, they called Sawa-chan, (which in reality is not a ROCKER type) and she came out cosplaying as Sawako's teacher look.
They later played a game with the people in the arena, named "Call & Respond".

How to play: When each Seiyuu say out the lines of the characters, the audience have to respond... for example, Yui says "Un-" audience says"-tan!"!

1. Yui: "Un-"..... Audience: "- tan!"
2. Mugi: "Tontokoi desu"..... Audience: " Tontokoi desu" (XD Mina-chan said: "repeat after me" in english and Satomi was like "ohh~" totally LoL!!)
3. Azusa:"Nya~" Audience: "Nya~" (I 1000% knew that she wanted to say that. Satomi said: " hey, hey. try saying Nya" (like the one from the episode), and Azusa said nya~, she even told the Audience to do the nyan pose XD)
4. Ui: "Ane ga osewa ni-".... Audience: "- natemasu!" (Yui told a joke that its great to have so many sisters (the audiences)... was totally LoLLed)
5. Mio: "Mo oyome ni ikenai.." Audience: "Mo oyome ni ikenai.."
6. Nodoka: "Gomenasai-"... Audience: "- Machigaimashitta!"
7. Sawako: "Omai ga kurunowa-" Audience: "- Matteita!!!"
8. Ritsu: "Kabetsu-" Audience: "- Ume!!!"

Arghh.... such a long post... >< Okay, after that game, they continue with Ui's Lovely Sister LOVE (really love this song, Heck, Hirasawa Sisters really know how to sing!) & Nodoka's Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!!

This is kinda hard to translate all since I can't understand some parts either, anyways, here are the main points:

-Yui wants to dismiss the HTT band cause of spliting their music genres.
-Ui asked that why is it called HTT and Yui said that its cause Sawako simply named it.
-Yui wants to changed the "Houkago TeaTime" name (all the jokes and funny names like: Za Zenbe, Komesodo, Chocolate Melody, Rice Choco, Outago Bloody Time and stuffs)
-In the end, they still sick to the "HTT" name... the end XD

More songs again:

They sing Curry Nochi Rice and showing off their instuments without actually playing them, but on Fudepen Ballpen & Fuwa Fuwa Time they actually played it and Yui's voice became LoLing near the end cause of the deep voice changing(Only Fudepen Ballpen surprised me since they secretly learn  this song, but not for Fuwa Fuwa Time, cause I heard them playing that song thousand times on air on their radio talkshow)

People started shouting "Encore! Encore! Encore!" They came out after a few minutes since they went back stage, and they later sang Don't Say "Lazy" while showing off instruments again.
After that, they talk some more, thanking the audience some more, flash back on K-On! from the screen, and sang CAGAYAKE GIRLS... AGAIN!!

Now, for the ending of the Live, all of the cast came out after changing into HTT black T-Shirts and Short/mini jean-pants/skirt + a red HTT towel.
Saying thank you and their thoughts while crying (except for Sawako & Ui).  Finally, Lastly, Ending-ly, They sang "Let's Go!" together....

The End.

(URGHHH!!! SUCH A LONG REVIEW!!! But its worth it if you guys read it XD)


  1. This is sooooo awesome!!!

    I can't wait to get my hands on it later...

    waaaaaaa....why my College Internet speed so nasakeinai......

    never mind XD


  2. @ Soul: Must download it. its so awesome ^^ I cant remember how many times i watch it, especially the seiyuuing part, that was the most LoLLLLLL part ever!!! XDDD

  3. I will download the Live XDDDD

    I just need Internet speed....

    I know... I rewatched the seiyuuing part a lot of times already and still LOLed until I orz XDDDD

  4. @ Soul: download the whole vid frm my fb acc and u can watch how many times you want XDDD but its better to download it frm loliduo XD

  5. I'll download the whole thing from loliduo XD
    cause I can't download anything here, except for files under 15Mb without P2P (meaning megaupload, mediafire, BT and others)

  6. This looks really nice. Love K-On! music. ^ ^

  7. @ Yi: u can download the whole live from Loliduo. Tho have to sign up 1st ^^ The Live is AWESOMEEE!!!! If u dont watch it, u'll regret it XD

  8. Does anyone knows where can i get a bigger image of the "let's go" logo they are using? D:

  9. @Yareli: you are so lucky to come to my blog. Im the type of person that Loves to help. (Unlike other selfish bloggers out there; but I wont help ppl who treats me bad)

    The only way to get that Logo is to find a person who really knows how to use photoshop, and luckily, I've mastered it cause im studying Graphic Design.

    I've already traced it out, recolored and save as PNG so that its easy for you to use.

    Link is here:

    Hope you like it. Do visit this site often too ^^