Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Yandere Vocaloid Sukone Tei 健音テイ!!!!

Due to my Overload BUSY-NESS of Study and Internship, I will blog less, will blog and not quitting. Anyways, me and Lerorin is translating[初音ミクAppendオリジナル曲] 五月少女 (gogatsu shoujo) and will post it on next week, hopefully.

As the title just said, Crvipton(not Crypton)is going to release Sukone Tei soon, not sure if its real or not, yet.
And here's a bit of info about her, not much though...
have “clear and sweet” vocals which are “lightly eccentric.”

*Not sure if this is real or not, but Sankaku said so*

According to her secret character introduction she already plans to kill Hatsune Miku and exhibits an unhealthy fascination with Kagamine Len, so it is perhaps better she is never released…

A yandere Vocaloid? Sadly not – it is all an inspired ruse by the denizens of 2ch’s VIP board (in the “Guys, let’s make up a Vocaloid and troll all the Vocaloid maniacs!” thread), although it can hardly be called fake as the announcement is by “CrVIPton” and not “Crypton.”

With this kind of unconfirmed details, who knows if this is real or not. But there are some videos to prove the existence:

itle: ていていにしてあげる♪ (Tei Tei ni Shite Ageru/ Give it to Tei Tei)
VOCALOID: Sukone Tei
original by: ika

title: 13km
music: オサレ
lyrics: きゅうり
VOCALOID: Sukone Tei

With these 2 songs, now i'm wondering if its just a Miku+Rin Voice or an edit of Yowane Haku...
Anyways, lets keep our fingers cross and hope it does release.


  1. I want Tei to be released!!! XD

    I like her voice plus I'd love a Yandere character around to spice up the group XD

  2. @Soul Magician: Me too ^^ Hard to get a Vocaloid that has the same name as me (Though Sukone Tei's Tei is her Name, Mine is Sur Name)

    More Yandere more Love!! XD
    Lets c Miku's Alice Human Sacrifice and Sukone Tei, who will win

  3. sadly to say this is UTAUloid

  4. @ Lerorin: XD At least they still sing. Tho they say if its a Utauloid or Vocaloid, its still not confirmed yet. BTW, hows the lyrics of Gogatsu Shoujo? If u hav done it, send the link on my Facebook PM ^^ Otsukaresama desu

  5. Sukone Tei is an UTAUloid.