About AniToBaka!

 About AniToBaka


 1st blog picture, Into the New World "AniToBaka"

Hajimemashite, new Blog. here. Guess there's alot of AnimeBlogs out there so i'm one of them. ^^ This blog is the same as any other Blog which reviews/previews Anime Stuffs, the only difference is that I'll be writing them in my view, and in a very short way. Yes, I hate long typings, it makes me sick, and i guess you guys won't like to read "Bla Bla Blas" either.

So, If u r wondering, why "AniToBaka" (Anime&Baka/Stupid)? Cause i'll mainly talk about Animes, Anime Wallpapers, Figure Updates n Yuri. For Anime Musics, Seiyuus, Mangas and other stuffs, i'll post them sometimes but Seldom. (cause i never had that much interest on them) Oh yeah, i'll post some things that i've done about daily life... Probably like what i've bought. (ex.Anime CDs, DvDs, Figs... Bla Bla Bla) Yup, and Baka stuffs too, like about some classmates who hates me cause i didn't do their homework. (Hahahah!! For real. Can't say who, unless i know u well) Yes! They are Literally STUPID so i'll talk about those kind of stuffs, Baka Stuffs.

Well, guess this ends the intro about my Blog, do follow me on Twitt Twitt Baka (Twitter, and yes, Its all about Animes&Baka) n Facebook (Chrisin Tay Tei Shinra, but remember to leave a note on who are u 1st, or i'll delete it IMMEDIATELY!)

Lastly, Somethings about me, LOVESSS Animes, Musics (ALL) n MOST Definitely Yuri Stuffs!! Suck in Writing Japanese but Talk Japanese Well. Hates Spicy Food, the rest are ok (LOVE POCKY!). Not Pro in Electric Guitar yet, but played Drums, Piano n good at Drawing (of course). Favourite seiyuu, 1st is Kitamura Eri, 2nd Inoue Marina & 3rd Kotobuki Minako/ Sawashiro Miyuki n Hanazawa Kana. Favourite Anime 1st K-On! 2nd Sekirei/Black Rock Shooter 3rd All Yuri Animes. Likes VOCALOID Miku, Luka.... n Black Rock Shooter (not Vocaloid). Have 3 Katanas, 1 long n Black Color (Handle), 1 Short n Brown, 1 is a keychain. Favourite Games, Persona 3, Persona 3 Portable (still playing halfway) n Persona 4. Yup, a Persona Freak. Call me Shi-chan if u like (Shi-chan... as in Tei Shinra, different "Shi-chan" frm my guitar.
*Wow, thats a long "somethings" XD Oh yeah, I love to Sleep too... Orz

Anyways, my other Posts will be as long as this, probably shorter.
"Do Stay Tune to AniToBaka for More FAST Updates, Yoroshiku!"