Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sphere-Disease!!! (And I Finally got it too!!)

I never thought that this day would come, the day that I got infected by "Sphere-Disease" too!!! Hell yeah!!! XDD I got this disease right after the 1st time I listen to "Now loading... SKY!!" and not the other Sphere songs. This is because the past albums of Sphere ain't my type of genre songs, only this upcoming release album "Now loading... SKY!!" is. Lots of my friends too think that this album is the best of all their albums. If possible (if I have enough $) I'll buy this album no matter what. XD

I bet some people out there can't differentiate the members, so here are the pictures to help you understand who are the members:

NOTE: The only one that I love most in Sphere is Kotobuki Minako, tho I know most of you guys like Tomatsu Haruka more. XD (Kotobuki Minako places 3rd in my Seiyuu Ranking)

Kotobuki Minako
寿 美菜子
(The Youngest in the member, She is just too Kawaii!!!! I wanna kidnap her!!)

Takagaki Ayahi
(Oldest in the member)

戸松 遥
Tomatsu Haruka
(You guys love her but I don't....)

 Toyosaki Aki
(Our lovely lovey Moe voice which everybody knows.)  

Sphere Profile from Wikipedia....

Download All Sphere Albums here on Loliduo....

For some reason, I was able to find a FULL Version for this song. So, I download the song and created this. Too bad its blur tho, but this is the only 1 that they have.

スフィア(Sphere) 「Now loading...SKY!!」 FULL ver.

(PV trailer clip ver)

(I'll try to ask Lerorin for the Lyrics, and repost it here, the song is blur so i think it will be hard)


  1. this album is the only album I've heard from Sphere...and just like Shinra I've also gotten the disease XDDDD

  2. @Soul: LoLLLL!!!! XDDD This is also the 1st song that I've heard from Sphere, and the 1st time I heard it, I got the disease, started to download all their albums and now finding their Live download XDDD

    Hopefully i got enough $ to buy the album.

  3. I think I've caught the disease too.

  4. @Shinra: LOL XDDDDD
    wow even till their live ar NICE XDDDD

    @Yi: Welcome to the group XD

  5. @Soul: I'm asking Ehmz if there is any Live of them to download, havent got her answer yet XD

    @yi: XDD We all go the disease once we listen to this song, thats y I ordered the Limited Edition of this album even tho i dont have their other albums XD

  6. @Shinra: please keep us posted on the live XD

  7. hahahahahah you're not gonna kidnap Minako cauze she's mine :P
    I will marry her someday and our first daughter's name would be Aki xD

  8. XD Sure, I insist you on doing that... please do that 1st before I make a move, and be prepared to be caught by the Police and all of Sphere/Minako Fans around the world 1st XDDDD

  9. I'm a little disappointed that Ayahi is relatively overlooked compared to the other three members. Even though mostly everyone agrees that she has the best singing voice of the four.